The great leap into Motherhood

My life made a 360° turn for the better, on November 12th 2016, when my son Ayden was born. Nowadays there are so many social media outlets that you can use to get questions answered, read reviews about baby products, get support from moms that are either in your local area or even all over the world. Don’t get me wrong, all of these tools are tremendously helpful in making an educated decision on what will be best for your baby, however, to a new mom that has never been through motherhood and has no clue what to expect, it can be extremely overwhelming.

I remember specifically going to Buy Buy Baby to get my baby registry set up, and I was so excited that it was finally time to pick out all the things I would need for our new addition. Walking up to the stroller section, my jaw dropped. There were so many choices from ridiculously expensive with all the bells and whistles, to affordable but not practical. Thankfully they have employees that are able to help give you more information about each product, but when you get into all the details of a million strollers, it’s an even more daunting choice. A new mom wants to make sure she is getting the best of the best for her baby when it comes to safety, comfort etc. but I have yet to find a new mommy with a bottomless budget.

After looking at stroller after stroller, car seat after car seat, pack n’ play after pack n’play, diaper bag after diaper bag…. Sorry, too much? You catch my drift. It gets to a point where you start to think, if I can’t make a simple decision like picking out things I will need to raise a child… how am I going to be able to actually RAISE A CHILD??!! Don’t worry momma’s, I have learned in my mere 10 months of motherhood, that it’s not about the “things”. Yes you want them to be safe and happy, but they aren’t going to care or remember any of that, and ultimately neither will you. When you look back on your little one’s childhood, you won’t be thinking, “Man, I wish I would have gotten that more expensive stroller I liked so much”. You will be thinking “I did it!”

A wise friend once told me when I asked about what were the best brands and the absolutely necessary baby items… “All you really need is diapers… and maybe some wipes.” After having two kids and having a small budget, but enabling her to stay home with her kids, she was able to tell me honestly that those are the “Bare necessities”… love that song. 🙂 Everyone else was more than happy to tell me their opinion of what exactly I needed and didn’t need. But after having Ayden, something like a wipe warmer that was useless for some, was actually a life saver for me. Living with my parents after Ayden was first born, I would be up in the middle of the night changing him, and I would have woken the whole house had I not had warm wipes.

So, I say all of this to get the point across that YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB! No one is perfect, and therefore absolutely no one is perfect at motherhood. Advice is great, but could be less beneficial or more confusing than helpful. We all learn as we go and every child is different. So sorry to burst your bubble, but there will be another learning curve with every bundle of joy that you have. Don’t get so caught up in all the crazy details and just try to remember that if you’re doing the best you can, that’s all you can do!


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