Blessed beyond Measure.


Can I just say how truly blessed I am? Can I also say how selfish I am?

After the past few weeks, I the lightly bulb has finally come on… no pun intended (you’ll get it later). The Lord has been trying to show my finite mind how much he has blessed me and how much I take for granted. Let me tell you, it was a wake up call.

The past few months have been an adjustment since we had some very close (even closer now) friends of ours staying with us at our home. We have said since before we purchased our first home that once we have our own home, we want to be able to bless others with it. Well, four months after moving in, it was time to put our house where our mouth was. A couple who we have known since college had been laid off and moved back to Florida to stay with family. Leaving details aside, it wasn’t working out and they needed a place to stay.

My husband and I didn’t even hesitate to invite them to stay with us, and I know we made the right decision, but it definitely had its benefits and challenges. I could very easily go into it all, but my point is to say that something as simple as having alone time with your family and being able to just do whatever you want in your own home, weather that’s walking around in your underwear or nursing on the living room couch and not covering up, is a blessing in and of itself.

Also, being able to live in your home is a blessing. It might sound odd because if you own it, you would think you get to live there. Well, just last week, mind you it was two days after our house guests got their own place, hurricane Matthew decided to grace us with his presence. I don’t know if that was part of the Lord’s plan to remind me how much I have to be thankful for but it sure did. After the storm hit, we were without power for almost a week. Thankfully my parents were more than happy to let us stay with them until it came back on but it definitely wasn’t ideal. Did I mention we lived there for 8 months before, during and after I had my son? Yeah.

Constantly coming home to see if the power was back on, checking with neighbors, worried about losing all our refrigerated food, it makes you realize how dependent we are on something like electricity. Looking at pictures and videos of so many others that not only lost power but their homes completely or even loved ones made me feel ashamed that I was even complaining. I know that it took a lot of people to work on the power lines and debris removal and  that good stuff to get it back on and I’m sure all they heard, day in and out, was “When will our power be back on?”, “They need to work harder and faster”, and probably a few other phrases that shouldn’t be repeated. I know one of my own neighbors had the audacity to call the news station and even email the mayor to complain. Yes, I think it might have sped up the process since our power came on the very next day but I didn’t necessarily like that approach.

I want to try to remember how hard it is situations, to help be more grateful for all the other days that much more. Also to think that my “hard situation” could be one of the better days for someone else.

I want to always remember that what I have is not my own but God’s, and he wants us to bless others with what he has blessed us with.

I want to stop my mindset of complaining and focusing on the negative, and change that to praising God for the positives.

This is all easier said than done, but “with God all things are possible”.

Here are a few pictures of some of the effects of Hurricane Matthew in FL and NC.



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