Direct Sales, Are they all Scams?

So I have recently looked back into direct sales to try to make some money on the side and hopefully pay down some debt before we bring another little one into the world. No, I am not pregnant and won’t be for a while but we know that time will come soon enough and want to be as prepared as possible. Just a few reasons, we have so many bills and so little time, when I go on leave, I will get a ridiculously tiny paycheck for a month and then after that nothing until I go back to work. Don’t get me started on how crappy America’s maternity leave is because it’s a well-known fact. So, to continue to pay the bills and provide for our family, we must start thinking ahead and being frugal to build an “emergency” account and hopefully pay off something, a car, student loan, PMI on the house, something!!

Direct Sales is something that I still haven’t made my mind up about and would love to have some insight from people that give me the truth, good, bad and ugly because that’s what I need to hear. When you first show interest, everyone is on you like “white on rice” as the phrase goes, but I am not a spontaneous person and want to know that the decision I make is the right one. I actually tried direct sales about 2 years ago with Norwex, selling chemical free cleaning products but who wants to spend money on cleaning stuff? It was interesting how well they worked but required upkeep of the products and people weren’t exactly excited. Long story short, I made as much as I needed to get my starter kit for free and recoup my money and then found out I was pregnant and that’s where it stopped.

I have researched and researched and thought and thought, so much in the past couple weeks and would love feedback from my readers. Help a momma out?! A few companies stood out to me but I am still open to suggestions of course. A few that I have looked into are It Works!-sells wellness products, Nerium-skincare products, and DoTerra-essential oils (this might be great for my lower back pain, headaches and when my baby isn’t feeling well). The unfortunate thing about these is that I have never tried the products myself (probably because I’m so cheap). I feel like to make an educated decision, I should try them out and see what I would be most passionate selling. I also don’t want to be one someone that people try not to run into or hide from because they know I will want to sell them something. I want to find a product that somewhat “sells itself”. I know there is always work and time that must be put into it if you want to succeed but I’m up for the challenge.

I would jump right in without a second thought and see what happens but my concern is that a lot of companies have crazy monthly sales goals, or have crazy start-up costs (sorry LuLaRoe-no can do), or are so confusing when it comes to commission that I would never be able to tell if I wasn’t getting money that I earned. Is it too much to ask for a company that has a reasonable start up cost, doable sales goals and straight forward commission? I want to make sure that if I get into something and am not able to sell as much as I thought, or put as much time in as I would have liked, that I won’t lose a ton of money or have to pay the company to be a part of it. I know sales goals are there for motivation and I definitely don’t want to go into it thinking I will fail but let’s be real here, it could happen.

Ok everyone, what are your thoughts? Has anyone tried direct sales and been successful? How did you get there and what are your tips? Any other companies you recommend I look into?



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