Can I Put Him in a Bubble?

Before having a child, I had heard people say that they want to put their child in a bubble but always thought it was just a joke and no one would REALLY want to do that, right? Well, fast forward a few years, I now have an almost 15 month old who is always snotty, drooling, coughing, sneezing, etc. and it seems that after weeks of sickness, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. He finally gets better and then no lie, two or three days later, he catches something else and is back under the weather. What I would like to know is, how are they ALWAYS sick???!!!

Yesterday I picked Ayden up from daycare and I knew he hadn’t been 100% this week but I can’t take off work every time he’s not 100% because I would no longer have a job. When I got there I noticed he was covered in drool, no biggie right, he’s getting another 1 year molar and teething is bad news. However, first thing his sitter says is, he threw up at lunch today… I seriously did everything I could to keep from just bawling my eyes out right then and there. I mean, I feel like I’m treading water, just barely making it and then he gets sick AGAIN!

So, once he gets home and gets some dinner in his tummy, he seems good as new and is playing and laughing like his usual self but we of course can’t bring him back to daycare for 24 hours after he throws up so my husband had to call out to stay home with our not-so-sick son just because… rules. This parenting thing is turning out a long more work than I ever thought. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so worth it and I wouldn’t change anything, well, except the fact that my son is a walking germ. I know this is just one of those things that takes time and he just has to build his immune system but I wish I could just give him mine.

I think it’s so hard finding the balance between being concerned and taking him to the doctor anytime he is sick as a precaution and just brushing it off and chalking it up to teething or just being a baby every time. I obviously don’t want to be careless because I would never forgive myself if something was wrong and I, the mommy, couldn’t see that. I also don’t want to be a mom that is so protective and careful that he doesn’t have a chance to build his immune system. You know the saying a little dirt never hurt? I do think there is truth to that. Boys will be boys but he is my little baby boy and I want nothing more than to see him happy and healthy.

The struggle is real. If anyone is willing to share some tips, experiences or reassurances, I’m all ears!

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