A True Friend is a Treasure

I’m not big on cliché’s but I believe there is really some truth behind this one. Time and time again, I have put my trust in people and been so naïve. I see that now, in hindsight. I always want to see the best in people or at least see the potential in them but I have gotten burned. When I say burned, I mean burnt to a crisp.

It’s so sad that in this day in age, we really can’t trust anyone. You try to be nice to your coworkers but almost always manage to get caught up in the gossip and chime in saying something bad about the other person. Then you continue to say those things and the gossip just continues to grow and eventually eat away at you.

The worst part is that as quick as your “friends/coworkers” were to point a finger and talk bad about someone else, they are just as likely to do the same to you. In this sinful world, gossip and drama is where all the excitement is. Even though it causes so many problems and I’m sure ruins most friendships, people just can’t help themselves. Myself included, sadly.

I really want to believe that people don’t want to be mean and hateful just for the heck of it, but I am believing that less and less with time.

When I was young and in middle school, I had two best friends, who mind you, didn’t get along. One night I begged one of them to see if I could come spend the night at her house because my parents were “annoying me”. She finally gets permission to let me come over and after all that, I get a call from my other friend reminding me that we had a sleepover planned for that very night. I had totally forgotten! I called the first friend back and explained to her that I had already made plans that night and that I was sorry.

Next day, I am online and see a horrible message she had written about me, calling me all kinds of names and just degrading me to no end. Obviously, I cried and my dad ended up reading the things she said. Let’s just say, that friendship did not end well, and to this day, she hasn’t forgiven me. Which is weird because I’m not the one who did anything wrong.

Cyber-bullying is real y’all.

With all that said, in my 24 years of life, I have only found 1 friend that I know I can completely trust. Granted she’s human and imperfect but we know where our friendship stands; and even with time and distance, our friendship hasn’t faded over the years. This is a true friend.

I really want to try to be someone that people know they can trust and not someone that gets caught up in the gossip. This will be a long journey ahead and I’m sure I will fail at times but I want to be someone of integrity and character.

I feel like this world could really use some more of those people. Who will join me in this challenge?



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