Sickness Sucks

Can I just say that being sick sucks… majorly.

It’s bad enough being sick but being sick as a mom is even worse because you can’t stop and rest, you can’t mope or whine, you can’t be waited on hand and foot. Before I had Ayden, if I was sick, I knew I had my husband’s full attention and he would do his best to nurse me back to health. Now, he’s got baby duty and I’m… on my own.

If you have a spouse or Significant Other then it makes it a little easier but let’s be honest. Mommy is still needed. I can hear it now… my husband yelling from the other room as I lay in bed or try to…

“Honey, where is that diaper cream?”

“Babe, I really need your help”

“Holley, can you please come here?”

On top of that if the baby is sick then you might as well just forget about being sick. Lol As if that could actually be done.

My worst nightmare is both my husband and I being sick and neither of us being able to take care of the baby. Thank goodness we have family nearby, otherwise I don’t know what we would do.

All that said, you’re being sick pales in comparison to when you see your baby sick. I will be sick every day for the rest of my life if it meant he didn’t have to be.

The last few months have honestly been the absolute worst when it comes to sickness. If I didn’t believe in a cold and flu before becoming a parent, you better believe I do now.

I have seen and wiped more snot, buggers, throw up, spit up and unknown substances since becoming a mommy, and especially since the end of last year than I care to. As gross as it may sound, I would do anything for that big brown eyed boy and always will.

That’s what mommy’s are for right?

To make you feel better when you’re sick.

To watch your favorite movie in your jammies when your sick.

To let you lay your head on their lap while they play with your hair and make you fall asleep.

To snuggle with in the “big bed” when you have nightmares.

To rock you back to sleep when your tummy hurts.

To love you even when you’re acting like a total jerk.

To always, always be there when you need her.

I pray that I can be that mommy to Ayden.

What are your experiences with babies and sickness? Can someone please assure me that it gets better? I’m hanging in there but don’t know how much longer.




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