It’s just messed up.

America is great for so many reasons, freedom… nuff said. I’m sure I could go into a whole lot more detail on that but what I really want to focus on is what I don’t like. Don’t worry, I won’t be negative Nelly and bring everyone down but I feel like there are systems in place that are literally helping NO ONE.

Allow me to explain.

I go to my sons 15 month check up and even though I know he’s perfect, I am told that he is and has been “under-weight” for his age group, is average height but apparently has a huge head. Duh, he’s a baby, they usually don’t grow into their heads for a while. Plus, his mommy and daddy are smart, where else is he gonna store all that knowledge?? Haha

At his one year appointment, he was in the 9th percentile and even though he has a major Buddha belly, they tried to tell me to put more fats in his diet. Not happening. He eats just fine, and I know a little fat is good for a baby but I’m not about to feed him unhealthily just to fatten him up. Sorry.

Those charts that they go by are the “standard”. Just because someone is bigger or smaller than what the chart might recommend doesn’t mean that they aren’t perfect.

Moving on…

A couple weeks ago I went to get a wellness assessment so we could continue receiving the credit on our health insurance. I’m cheap and I’ll admit it but a $500 credit is awesome, so I was getting that assessment no matter what. I have always been pretty healthy, good blood pressure, good cholesterol, average height and weight. Basically just the norm across all boards.

Now, I have had a child since my last wellness check-up and I know that I have not lost all that extra baby weight, I’m working on it, but I wouldn’t say that I’m unhealthy. I could lose 25 pounds and be back to my pre-baby weight. Well, you can imagine my surprise when they tell me I am officially considered level 1 Obese! Are you kidding me????!!! That can’t be right.

Yet another chart telling me that I am not the weight I should be or not the height I should be for my current weight. If only growing a few more inches was an option. I really do feel like these charts do more damage than good. Telling someone who needs to lose 25-30 pounds that they are officially obese is almost like saying “Well, you’re so far gone, might as well keep going.”

Don’t worry, I am not of that mindset and will continue to try to get healthier but I can see how it could have the opposite effect. It also doesn’t help that eating healthy is super expensive and inconvenient. It’s very difficult to continually make the decision to buy healthy organic food that is more expensive and know that it requires so much more effort to food prep and cook than it would be to go to Wendy’s. I feel like my family does really good not eating fast food; like maybe three times a month max. Also we cook dinner almost every night and always take left overs for lunch. Guess it’s not good enough though.

I don’t write this to discourage anyone but just to say that you can’t go by those charts or your calculated BMI. What’s a healthy weight for me isn’t healthy for someone else and vice versa. Eating healthy is hard but keep at it! Don’t let this twisted system bring you down and make you eat your feelings in chicken nuggets… that probably aren’t even real chicken. Just sayin.

P.S. Do I look Obese to you?? I’ll be transparent and tell you I currently weigh 190lbs. Would you have guessed that??



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