Parenting on the same page

We are getting to the point where Ayden is getting more and more stubborn and beginning to realize that he can push our buttons… and let me tell you, he’s pushing them. If anyone didn’t believe that we are naturally sinful people, give them a one year old. They may not be able to speak but they understand what they should be doing and deliberately decide to do the exact opposite.

Don’t get me wrong, they have their moments when they can act like a sweet little angel but those moments are… a little less frequent. Those moments are the easy part. The latter is the hard part.

We started having to implement “time-outs” around 1 year old because we could tell he knew what we were saying but didn’t want to obey. I’m talking simple requests like “Food stays on your tray, not the floor.” His response would be him getting upset, giving us the evil eye as he proceeded to throw it on the floor. After many warnings and pops on the hand, you have to show them who’s boss.

At first I was a little hesitant because I thought, well, maybe he really doesn’t understand. Then after thinking about it a little more, I thought “how can I say maybe he doesn’t understand, when we have two cats that are much less intelligent and know dang well that they shouldn’t be on the counter?” Let’s give toddlers a little more credit.

I want my husband and I to prepare now for what’s ahead. Soon enough he will be testing us, and talking back to us and maybe even try to turn mommy against daddy. Let’s be honest, I know I did as a kid. If you ask mommy and she says no, that’s ok, we will get daddy on our side and make it happen.

I want us as parents and spouses to be a team in all our decisions. I’m not just talking parenting choices but also financial, and in every other aspect of our lives. This is definitely easier said than done since it requires communication. In this day in age, we can find ourselves just sitting on the couch on our phones whenever we have a free minute but this doesn’t help us as a team.

As we grow as parents, spouses and even individuals, I want to share those realizations and tips and tricks we learn along the way. Why learn the hard way yourself if you can learn from others’ mistakes so you don’t have to make them?



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