Growing up in the 21st Century

Can I just say I am terrified of my baby growing up? I don’t just mean, I don’t want him to grow up because then he won’t be a baby anymore, but I mean, there are so many more challenges for kids nowadays that my husband and I nor my parents had to worry about.

Two words. Cell phones. They really started becoming more popular when I was going into my pre-teen years and I got my first cell phone when I turned 13. Yes, 13. Fast forward 10 years, now it’s normal for kids ages 7 & 8 to have their own phones. Don’t get me wrong, I see how it’s good for safety reasons, if they are walking home from the bus stop or something like that, but wow.

I remember one day specifically where a cell phone would have been useful for me as a child. We had just moved to a new home in a new neighborhood and after getting on the bus, I couldn’t recognize which neighborhood was mine. I get to the last stop and tell the bus driver that I missed my stop, to which they responded, “Sorry, last stop, everyone off!” Can you imagine being in 6th grade, in a new part of town, not knowing where your home is and being told to get off the bus and figure it out on your own?

Well, off the bus I went, and proceeded to walk down the side of a six-lane street, not knowing that I was walking in completely the wrong direction and had no way to contact my mom. Thank goodness, she saw me walking on her way home and pulled over to pick me up. After telling her what happened, let’s just say I’m pretty sure that person isn’t a bus driver anymore.

So, I get it. Cell phones come in handy.

The scariest part is that so many things can be accessed on cell phones. Whether it’s inappropriate pictures, movies, or just conversation, there’s only so much a parental block can do. I’m so not excited for when Ayden goes through puberty. I’m going to have to let his daddy take the reins on that one. Yikes!

Another thing that stands out to meet is the demeanor of young men and women these days. This isn’t all kids of course but for the most part, they are so focused on the opposite sex, or same sex for that matter, and at such a young age. What happened to cooties? I know they still exist!

I feel like there is no way to protect them. Even if our kids don’t have phones, their friends I’m sure will.

A friend of mine at church was explaining to me how she decided to take her 3 kids under the age of 7 to a Christian High School Basketball game since her kids love basketball, and she accidently ended up in the student bleachers. I’m sure that was a funny sight.

She said as more kids came in and sat next to them, the more nervous and anxious she got because they were all passing phones with pictures, and notes and making crude comments. She said half time couldn’t come soon enough so they could make a dash for the bathrooms. Did I mention that was a Christian school? Let’s be honest, sex, and drugs and violence is just everywhere.

We need to pray now that our kids will be able to find their own way and can make their own decisions when it comes down to it. Pray that you raised them right and they will remember where they came from. Lord help us all.



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