Not Enough Hours in the day…

Do you ever feel like you are running so hard and so fast all day and then when you finally stop to take a breath, it’s already time to go to bed and then do it all over again?

That’s about how I feel at the moment and it’s truly exhausting.

I work a full time job, plus have church, bible study, family stuff, trying to eat right and get healthy and now I have begun my journey with Nerium.

You might not be as excited as I am about this opportunity but I can just see a different future for my family. A successful, restful, vacationed, content future. Just about everyone I knew was just struggling to get by and make enough money to pay the bills, not anymore.

Even though America gives you so much freedom, we tend to just get to the typical “American Dream” which involves buying a home, having a family and working… people don’t realize that also involves, lots of debt and time away from your family. That doesn’t have to be the case, I have met some amazing women in such a short time that have inspired me and motivated me to be more, and do more than what I expected of myself.

I now know that there is so much more available to me. Will it take work? Yes. Will I become rich overnight? No Will it take time to get there? Yes. Will it require pushy sales? NO.

There were a few things I wanted to lay out when I started looking for a company to join:

  1. NO Pushy Sales
  2. NO Monthly fees
  3. Sell something that people NEED, not just want
  1. You read that right, NO pushy sales.

People can smell a sales person a mile away, and avoid them like the plague. I didn’t want to alienate friends and family. This company allows me to simply share a product with them by letting them use it for a week or so and then see how they like it. Super simple and easy! After one week I was hooked.

If you have never heard of Nerium, it’s an anti-aging company with all patented products, backed by science discovered in the Princeton University lab. Pretty cool right? Well, yes I am only 24 and might not be too concerned about aging at this point but this skin care can help with soooo much more than just aging. I’m talking, discoloration, uneven skin tone, texture, pore size, blemishes, and of course fine lines and wrinkles.

Did I mention it’s only one step at night? What???!!!!

Yes, dampen your face, apply night cream, let it dry (2 minutes or less), sleep. VUWAHLA!!!

We also have:

  • Eye serum- for under eye bags, dark circles, puffiness, redness etc.
  • Body Firming Cream- Use anywhere from the neck down. Stretch Marks, saggy skin, flappy arms, cellulite, dimpling, you name it.
  • EHT-Brain supplement to help cognitive function, focus, recall, energy, immune system health and overall brain health
  • Day Cream- Use during the day, as moisturizer, sunscreen, vitamin C etc.
  • Eye-V Hydrogels- Once a week spa treatment for your eyes, 5x concentrated of eye serum, will give even more incredible results.

Oh, and our company is launching into health and wellness next month too! We have expanded into many new countries and have already broken crazy records for sales. We are recognized in so many magazines and used by many celebrities.

  1. No Monthly Fees

I didn’t want to work hard and then only reap part of the reward because I have to put money back into my business every month. After the initial start up kit, as long as you have 3 customers (only 3, that’s it) your business is run every month completely free! Oh, and on top of that, you get extra product for free every month too!

This company rewards and supports it’s Brand Partners more than any company I have ever heard of. Believe me, I have done my research.

3. Have a product that people NEED, not just want.

Things like purses, jewelry, Tupperware, they aren’t needs and when times get tough, people will cut those costs first. I know some just don’t care what they look like and won’t be willing to spend money on themselves but most people do care and want to look their best. I know I do.


I say all that to say, I have never been a fan of Direct Sales but I love how Nerium isn’t about sales but about making relationships and sharing products just like you would a great movie or restaurant. It’s not hard, it’s just all about consistency. If you can do a little bit, every single day, consistently and stick with it, people will start to take notice and you will really pique their interest!

Blogging is awesome but takes so much time to get followers and get the word out. Nerium, on the other hand gives you the tools you need to succeed and you have sooo much support behind you and people rooting for you to succeed! Even being as busy as I am, as long as I have my phone, I am able to squeeze a few minutes in here and there, and that’s all you need.

If you want more info please email me at and check out my website at has great info too!



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